Friday, 30 August 2013

Police find themselves not guilty

Police attack cat at Kim Dotcoms Mansion. [The cat got away]

Eavesdropper strikes again: One law for all…yeah right, after recording this discussion between a couple of over-paid cops: Eavesdropper thinks we need a change at the top. The police keep finding themselves not guilty of all sorts of shady things, like shootings, rapes and other criminal activities like spying, bugging, eavedropping, bashing people who are protecting their own property etc. Here is the overheard conversation, it took place at Police HQ in Wellington just a short time ago...

“Have you got a minute Chief Inspector Bright Spark?

“Sure have Mr. Senior Police Commissioner, your wish is my command”, said Chief Inspector Bright spark.

“Right then, please explain to me how we can be guilty, but not charged with a crime, I don’t understand”, surely if you are guilty, your guilty, Inspector Bright Spark.

“Well Commissioner we [that is the police] broke the law when we instructed the GCSB to spy on that cubby German chap who just happens to be a New Zealand resident”…uttered Bright Spark as he adopted his creepy ‘be-nice-to-the-idiot-boss-mode’. But you see sir; we never actually committed the crime with any criminal intent

“I know that, I told the PM that before we instructed the GCSB to bug the fat Germans half dozen telephones and put the bugs in his six bathrooms and twenty-one bedrooms, five toilets, three kitchens, six motor vehicles, two helicopters and four push bikes plus one wheel barrow.

“You told the PM before you mass bugged the fat German and his family! Gee what did John baby say when you told him? Whispered CI Bright Spark, looking around for possible hidden bugs…

“He said nothing really, he simply muttered something that sounded like, “I never heard that, in fact you never said it”…so you can take it from me the PM won’t remember anything, I mean he can’t normally remember anything when he is allowed to remember, and he is absolutely blank when it comes to remembering anything that one is not allowed to remember”, shouted the Very Senior Police Commissioner, turning a lighter shade of blue so that his skin matched his tie. “But anyway just answer my question Chief Inspector Bright Spark”…

“Well you see Mr. Commissioner let me put it this way: you can not order someone to break the law, that’s just not legal, so you see the GCSB should have told you to get stuff** but since they failed to warn you that your order was illegal and therefore unlawful, but not criminal, they left a clear loop hole for us to slide through. Bright Spark was in full swing now and said proudly “And since we are investigating ourselves, we can and did use our old mate Kristy McDonald QC, you know she is the lawyer defending us against the very same fat German who both the PM and John Banks can’t remember…along with Hollywood, Obama, Holden, the FBI, CIA…

“Hang on Inspector Spark”, the Commissioner interrupted, “wouldn’t she have a direct conflict of interest, I mean conducting an investigation into police behaviour while working for the police and being instructed by us…sounds a little bit off…that does”, said the Commissioner now totally confused by Bright Sparks explanation.

“In no way Commissioner said Bright Spark, the PM authorised it, just like he did when he appointed his old mate Henry to inquire into that Peter Dunne, Andrea Vance affair or whatever it was…file leak, romance, friendship or whatever. Do you know that he read all those rather strange emails, had a chat with Dunne and what do you know Dunne changed his mind and the GCSB bill was passed and once the Governor General signs the bill, what we did to that fat German and 88 others becomes legal…

The Commissioner patted the CI on the head and suggested that he relax and have a good rest while he protected the PM on one of his many R&R breaks in Hawaii as a reward for his brilliant strategy in getting the police off the hook yet again…

This from TDB site, a site well worth a visit…    

“Just so you can all appreciate what a con job the Police verdict to find the GCSB not guilty of THEIR request to illegally spy on Dotcom really is;  the law does not require the establishment of criminal intent, it requires proof of intentional intervention by a person without lawful authority to do so.
The intent of the GCSB has nothing to do with it, that they intentionally intercepted is the threshold for prosecution!
This decision was also ‘independently’ reviewed by none other than the QC who is also prosecuting Kim Dotcom.
It’s a God damn stitch up ladies and gentlemen.
The contempt of due legal process for the pursuit of mass surveillance powers is chilling, and the ongoing abuse to our civil liberties which are shrugged off as the exception and not the rule sound hollow as we see example after example after example, month after month after month.
There is a repetitive nature to these attacks on democracy by this Government in the last half decade, and the only way I see it changing is by throwing this Party out of power in 2014.
If this is the sort of interpretive chicanery and sham independence the Police are pulling to justify spying when they are caught red handed, imagine the Kafkaesque deceptions we are all in store for now this obscenity is legal?

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