Saturday, 10 August 2013

Key reveals his approach to China

Government plans to get tough with Fonterra…yeah right.

Just like they did during the leaky house saga, ten years after they changed the laws to allow builders and building manufactures to use below par products while at the same-time introducing self regulation, which included shady building practices. This was the national parties answer to a housing shortage and it has left this country with ten billion dollars worth of repairs that will be paid for, not by the builders, they’ve become millionaires and buggered off overseas, but by the buyers.

Now the same thing has taken place with Fonterra, the National party can’t do anything about Fonterra, it has no power, the Fonterra bosses are just lucky that they are not Chinese citizens because if they were there would have been a good chance that a couple of them would become body parts after the next mass execution. That’s the way the Chinese fix those who rip-off the rules and bring the country into disrepute.

We here in NZ do the opposite and we knight our rip-off artists, like Sir Roger Douglas, Sir Douglas Graeme. Of course John Key and heaps of other money movers / manipulators / Ponzi types and once local heroes like South Canterbury Finance even get baled out by the government. Just as Fonterra will, oh the Nats will jump up and down, hold heaps of inquires, John Key will head off to China and after a stop over in Hawaii for R&R will kiss the feet of someone or other, and explain that when he said ‘One Hundred percent clean and green”, he never actually meant one hundred percent, especially for milk products, or meat, or building products, or dirty rivers.

To repay the Chinese key will without doubt offer the Chinese free access to all the secret data we presently gather for the US, the UK, Canada and Australia, plus extra data once our new GCSB laws are in place.

It is possible too that he will offer to take their dissidents [so long as they don’t come by boat] so as to reduce the need for so many executions in China.

And most importantly he will offer the Chinese Communist Government a seat on the Fonterra Board of Directors; this move will allow China to legally execute a member of the Fonterra Board next time they stuff up.

As you may or may not be aware the National Party are holding their conference in Nelson: A dear elderly lady friend who is attending told me that she was frightened when a twenty foot image of John Key appeared on the screen, while 5ft 7in John Key stood on the stage…and she was reminded of the chap Orson Wells in the film 1985, she said it sent a shiver down her spine.

PS; She has voted National ever since Sir Keith Holyoake kissed her hand at a Woman’s Institute meeting in Masterton forty odd years ago..

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