Friday, 16 August 2013

Do lies cause eartquakes, you decide.

Most Popularists political leaders don’t speak for intelligent people, they speak to the ignorant using the language of the ignorant to get their false and misleading message across.

Don-Key has become an expert at this but there is one very dangerous aspect to his behaviour and that is every time he tells porkies or half-truths we have an earthquake, and the size of the earthquake seems to match the size of his lie.

For example he told a whopper on the Campbell live programme when he shouted down one of the politest interviewers on television. Oh John Campbell is not a yes man like for example that Patrick Gower chap, TV 3’s  parliamentary reporter who appears to bend at the waist every time he confronts the PM.  

But really folks on Wednesday the PM tells a mighty big porky, on Thursday the media picks up on his giant sized whopper, PM talks to his PR Adviser, has a quick practice run through and then pops up on TV and makes apologies for his now public exposure and Lord and behold, God decides his humility is not great enough so he rattles up a 5.6 earthquake to show his displeasure with the PM’s lack of humility.

And this seems to be becoming a habit, and I might add a dangerous one for us mere mortals who lack the divine connections of John Key who is without doubt in direct communication with both the good angels and the naughty ones, I’m unsure just which group of divine beings he prefers, but I’m sure the fundamentalists of whatever creed who claim his allegiance depending on whatever his objective at the time. Whatever his divine abilities they must be powerful to cause the anger of the God of earthquakes to rattle our peaceful nation so often and especially our Capital City of Wellington that is governed by a well known greenie of the female gender.

I make one last plea, please Mr. John Key; don’t tell any porkies next week in Parliament during the final debate on the all powerful GCSB bill. Wellingtonians deserve a good long break from shuddering earth, disrupted rail services; they need time to rebuild their hope for the future, as do the people of Nelson and Tasman.

Please…please John Key keep a tight grip on your tongue and utterances, tell the truth and seek forgiveness for past sins. I know you have very close connections to the present Israeli government and model your behaviour on their close connection to Obama and the US intelligence services.

So give us some small respite so as to allow us the time needed to rebuild our confidence and trust in a lie free future with a lot less earthquakes.        

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